The George on Collins
MASH Brands
Colossal Creatures - Branding, Design Direction, Website Design
Words by Nuance - Strategy & Copy
Jana Longhorst - Photography
Amy Williams - Artwork & Design
MASH invited us to be a part of a great opportunity involving the George on Collins in Melbourne’s CBD. They were about to launch their new partnership with ex MasterChef contestant, Khanh Ong and felt their existing identity didn’t reflect who they were or wanted to be. Working with their current logo, we created a modern brand, which reflected the energy and aesthetic of the venue’s new direction.

Together with Words by Nuance, we strategically positioned the venue as having the same authenticity, welcoming vibe and level of comfort you’d find at a house party. We pulled shapes from various parts of the building’s exterior to represent different rooms of this homely venue. Our brand shapes became identities for each of the rooms whilst the venue’s new colour palette and tone of voice breathed life and fun.

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