The Thought Police
The Team
Colossal Creatures - Branding, Design Direction, Illustration and Interior Design
Patrick Bennet - Production Design
Sam Hodgson - Marketing
Flourish - PR
The Funderdome is a social entertainment venue inside Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne. It celebrates the joys of unprofessional competition and takes you back to a nostalgic time when we’d play for fun and friendship, not fame and fortune.
Working with The Thought Police, we created what is now known as the Funderdome, a fictitious sporting franchise established in the 1930s, and influential in every decade thereafter. This theme allowed us to create a design aesthetic that transcended through the decades - borrowing from the zeitgeist of American collegiate establishments, as well as arcade parlours, the Soul Train era of the 70s, and some added inspo from Coney Island. 

From kids parties and play dates during the day, to a space where over 18s could gather for drinks in the evening over a round of mini golf (or belt out some karaoke tunes), the venue had to appeal to a wide range of customers. As each space in the Funderdome has its own unique theme, it was imperative to create a new experience that would connect with customers in each area. We developed a colour palette that was both fun and neutral to all genders and used this across all brand messaging to emphasise the Funderdome was a modern and inclusive place of fun and friendship for everyone (literally everyone) – no matter what age or gender. 
Funderdome branding and identity logo.
Funderdome graphic design, illustration and mascot design

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